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A Message From Mr. Ellis:

Headshot of Mr. Ellis

Dear All Star Parents/Guardians:

Well, the 2021-2022 school year has come to an end, and although it was not a completely “back to normal” school year, it was the closest we have been in a while.  Overall, we had a very successful year here at Beacon Tree Elementary.  Our All Stars made some tremendous growth throughout the year both socially and academically.  Not only did our students show growth in the classroom, but we also did in out of school competition as well!  Both our Science and Math Olympiad Teams EXCELLED in competition.  Both Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Vincler had them ready to roll!  The Science Olympiad finished 3rd overall, with 6 top 5 event finishers and 13 top 10 event finishers!  The Math Olympiad team had 2 teams represent our All Stars this year.  Team A finished 2nd place over all in Quiz Bowl and 1st overall in the Team Event while Team B finished 4th in Quiz Bowl and 4th overall in the Team Event – Way to go All Stars!  We look forward to carrying that momentum into next year for sure!

To close out our year, we were able to once again recognize our Kindergarteners, 6th graders, and our All Star Alumni!  It was so nice to welcome back over 90 of our All Star Alumni this year!  Graduating seniors who used to walk our halls came back to enjoy breakfast and an assembly to tell us all about their futures.  It was incredible to see that many students return!

We were also able to send our Kindergarteners on to the 1st grade in a wonderful celebration.  We had a packed house to help celebrate the students and all that they have accomplished this year.  We are so proud of our students!  They learned a lot and are ready for the 1st grade!

Along with our youngest learners being celebrated, so to were our eldest learners!  Our 6th grade graduates were able to take part in their graduation ceremony to celebrate the completion of their elementary school experience.  Another huge crowd came out to wish these All Stars the best as they make their way to 7th grade.  Even though our All Stars are leaving the building, they will forever be an ALL STAR!

The main office at Beacon Tree Elementary will be open through Wednesday, June 22nd during our normal operating hours.  The office will reopen on Wednesday, August 3rd at 8:00am.  Even though we have not been in the practice of taking requests for class placements, we did receive a fair share.  Please know that a request is just that, a request.  There are NO guarantees to a placement because a request was sent.  Teachers take a lot of time to make the placements, and many factors were utilized to make said placements.  Thank you for your understanding.

School supply lists are available by clicking HERE.  Please know that this is only a suggested listing and not a required listing.  You do not have to acquire any or all items from the list.

As we prepare to turn the lights off here in the building, I hope that all of our All Star community has a restful and relaxing summer.  We look forward to welcoming all of our All Stars back to the building on Tuesday, August 30th, 2022.

Just a Few Helpful Items:

The BTV will continue to utilize their Membership Toolkit account throughout the school year.    Please utilize the link below to access the Membership Toolkit for upcoming BTV activities.

BTV's Membership Toolkit link is HERE  

Great news All Star Families, SPIRITWEAR is here!!!  That's right, students can now walk the hallways showing off their "ALL STAR SWAG!" for everyone to see!  You can view all of the spiritwear at the following link:

You will find many t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, pants, bags, and more!!  Sizes range from toddler through adult.  There are 12 different design options so you'll be sure to find something you will like.  You can do fun things like adding your child's name or even having red or silver glitter!!

Free shipping is still available for all orders over $50.00! Get yourself some "ALL STAR SWAG" so we can spread that Beacon Tree pride!  Holidays are coming, what a great time to get some cool swag!!  What is better than the "swag" you ask...  well, Beacon Tree Elementary will earn 20% on all purchases!! Wow, all of our All Stars benefit from a little "swag"!!!  

Have a great summer!

All The Best,
Mr. Ellis
Proud Principal
Beacon Tree Elementary

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The Beacon Tree staff, in partnership with parents and the community, will guide, support, and encourage all students to reach their maximum potential as lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

Throughout the school year, Beacon Tree Elementary has some fun activities scheduled!  Please check our "Upcoming Events" section for actual dates and times for these activities!  Also, keep an eye out on the "From Mr. Ellis" section for updates and important information in and around Beacon Tree Elementary!

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All children have the right to a rigorous, high-quality education which meets their individual needs. UCS will respect, encourage and empower each and every student to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a diverse community and global society.

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