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Sharing the Love of Reading!
Sharing the Love of Reading!
Posted on 03/29/2022
Avery Signing His BooksTuesday, March 29, 2022

Avery Wasmund is a current fifth grade student that attends Beacon Tree Elementary.  One thing is for sure, Avery loves to read!  Avery tends to go through books very quickly, especially if it is within the adventure genre!

Avery has always loved reading.  He looks at each book as a way to escape and completely dive into the story he is reading.  Avery enjoys reading children’s books that are written by James Patterson!  Some of his favorite series are Treasure Hunters and The Familiars, both written by Patterson.

March is Reading Month is always a favorite of Avery’s.  Each march students create goals for the number of minutes they will read during the month.  Avery has racked up over 1,000 minutes of reading already!  He is looking to increase his minutes total to 2,500 minutes but may push it to 3,000 if he is feeling up to it.

As part of a way to share his love of reading, Avery suggested us adding The Familiars to our school library.  We sat down and held a meeting to go over the series and to see if this is something that would be appropriate for school.  When our meeting ended, it was clear to see that the addition of the series would be a great idea!

We ordered 2 sets of the series and they are currently on our shelves and ready for checkout!  Avery was able to sign each book and place a special message on the inside cover for all to see.  He wrote encouraging statements like, “Very great book ahead!” or “Have an amazing time!”

Thanks to Avery’s love of reading, other All Stars have the opportunity to share in his excitement for this series!