Happiness Wall builds positive learning environment for students
Happiness Wall builds positive learning environment for students
Posted on 05/04/2017
Happiness Wall

Beacon Tree Elementary students are helping to build a positive learning environment.

The students have been leaving notes on a “Wall of Kindness” outside the main office.

The goal is “to spread happiness, kindness, and inspiration through words and small phrases in hopes of brightening days and bringing smiles to many faces,” according to teacher Michele Greenwood.

Response from the students have been – like the wall – positive:

"When I read The Happiness Wall it always makes my day brighter.  I like to see that is keeps growing!"  - Jared Lamb

"A place for sharing happiness and making someone's day!" - Scarlett Page

"What the Happiness Wall means to spread positive thoughts!" - Evan Asmar

"The purpose for the Happiness Wall...whenever you walk by you get a glimpse of a quote and it makes you happy!" - Giana Krstovski

"When you read something from the Happiness Wall it can make your day!  We are giving Kindness and adding some Sparkle into a persons life!!"  - Tallulah Boyette

"It will brighten your day!"  - Sarah Finitzer

"The wall is about sharing happiness and being kind!"  - Selina Jucaj

"The Happiness Wall spreads happiness all around Beacon Tree!!!"  - Gabriel Bugnariu

"The Happiness Wall is at Beacon Tree so every time you walk down the hall you see kind words and that makes you smile!" - Milana Zdravkovic

The wall is based on a national educational effort called #Happy Acts.

According to its website, "Research shows that instilling and encouraging positive character strengths, such as kindness, compassion and perseverance, can be as important to our children as the basics of learning math and reading. We want our kids to grow up in a world that celebrates character and a generosity of spirit."