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Student Council supports Cassie Hines Cancer Foundation
Council donates $2,900 to foundation named after UCS graduate
UCS students promote digital citizenship
Beacon Tree students learn how to use internet safe and effectively
Students promote digital citizenship
Beacon Tree student learn how to use internet safe and effectivelys
DECA honors recognize the next generation of UCS entrepreneurs
Competition awards excellence in business
UCS graduates return to their elementary roots
Graduates encourage elementary students to work hard

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New Post:   

All Star Parents:

It is hard to believe that June is here, and we are in the final days of the 2017-2018 school year!  It seems like it was yesterday when we had our Kindergarteners walking the halls for the first time trying to find their way to their new classrooms.  Now, they can maneuver the hallways like they had been here their entire lives!  The only tears we see are when they come in with a “boo boo” on their knee or elbow.  Now, in just a few days, we will be celebrating their completion of Kindergarten and moving them on to 1st grade!

On the flip side, our 6th graders are in their last days as elementary students.  They are about to complete their 7 years of elementary school and venture out to Junior High School.  We will miss this class of 6th graders.  We had a wonderful mix of scholars, athletes, musicians, and artists.  Each one of the students had something to offer to the entire group!  The staff and I wish them well as they begin the second phase of their educational journey.  We look forward in sending them on their way Friday, June 15th at their promotional ceremony.

As this year closes, I would like to thank each of you for being a part of your child’s education this year.  You have helped keep them on track, and focused on what they need to be doing.  I know that there have been some late nights, but in the end, it has paid off!  The staff and I appreciate all that you have done to assist in the learning process!

As we head towards summer, I am going to place a link to the Suggested School Supply Lists.  Please know that the items on the list are not required, but only suggested.  Please utilize the link below for the grade level lists.

School Supply List Link: Click HERE

Finally, I was approached by a parent who inquired about Lego Robotics, and why we did not have a team here at Beacon Tree Elementary.  I have placed a link below with information should there be a parent who would be interested in getting a team started!  If you have questions about the program, please feel free to contact me so that I can answer any questions you may have.

Lego Robotics Information: Click HERE


I hope that each of you have a wonderful summer, and we will see everyone on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018!


Don't Forget, if you are interested in some spirit wear, please utilize the link below to access the site!    Please remember that the Spirit Wear Shop is open year round, and you can visit it at any time!  We love seeing our community in some Beacon Tree Spirit Wear!

All The Best,
Mr. Ellis

The June Newsletter is available at this link.

PowerSchool Parent Portal Information is available at this


All children have the right to a rigorous, high-quality education which meets their individual needs. Beacon Tree Elementary as part of Utica Community Schools will respect, encourage and empower each and every student to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a diverse community and global society.


The Beacon Tree staff, in partnership with parents and the community, will guide, support, and encourage all students to reach their maximum potential as lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

Throughout the school year, Beacon Tree Elementary has some fun activities scheduled!  Please check our "Upcoming Events" section for actual dates and times for these activities!  Also, keep an eye out on the "From Mr. Ellis" section for updates and important information in and around Beacon Tree Elementary!

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