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Student Council supports Cassie Hines Cancer Foundation
Council donates $2,900 to foundation named after UCS graduate
UCS students promote digital citizenship
Beacon Tree students learn how to use internet safe and effectively
Students promote digital citizenship
Beacon Tree student learn how to use internet safe and effectivelys
Eisenhower presents The Snow Queen
Performances set for November 2 and 3
Real life visits life skills
Students interview people they admire to learn what it means to be successful
UHS Arrow named among nation's best student publications
Newspaper honored for the fourth time in five years

Mr. Ellis PhotoFrom Mr. Ellis

New Post:   

All Star Parents:

I am very excited to inform everyone that we have SURPASSED our initial Fun Run goal of $25,000 and raised over $26,600!!!  This is truly OUTSTANDING!!!  I am so proud of the efforts of our entire BEacon Tree community.  I cannot thank you enough for taking part in such an important event!  Your efforts are going to have a positive impact on the classrooms and community events this year!

I would like to thank the BTV for running such a positive event!  I know they spent lots and lots of hours in preparation, execution, and wrapping up the Fun Run.  Without them, we would not be able to have the things we do here at Beacon Tree Elementary.  I appreciate all that you do here, and your support of the staff and students!  You really outdid yourselves with the Fun Run!

If that's not enough excitement, we also had the pleasure of welcoming Michigan/American Chillers author Jonathan Rand visit Beacon Tree Elementary!  He was able to speak with the students about his path to writing and for everyone to follow their dreams, where ever they may take them!  As part of his visit, we held a writing contest where students could write a short story titled "The Disturbing Disappearance of Disco" (my first impression of this was disco music, but it actually was the town Disco that used to be located around 24 mile and Van Dyke).  As part of this contest, top stories would be chosen by a panel of adults to actually meet Mr. Rand and have him sign their stories!  Congratulations to Alex, Liz, and Rachel for being the top writers!
Jonathan Rand Photo With 3 Students
A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Dobis and Mrs. Zawierucha for coming up with the idea of the writing competition!  They helped drum up a lot of excitement for Mr. Rand, and for writing!  Also, the poster on the wall next to Mr. Rand and the winners was created by the talented Mrs. Dobis as well!!

Later this month we will be holding our annual Halloween Parade!  We will have more information as October 31st gets closer, so keep an eye out!  When selecting a costume, please be aware that some of them are more appropriate for a school setting than others.  If you have questions about a costume, please double check with your teacher, or call the office and we can help you.  Some costumes may have accessories that come with them.  Please make sure to keep all accessories like guns, knives, swords, etc. at home.  If the weather permits, I would like to again have the parade outdoors.  We all know that Michigan weather can change quickly, so we will make a decision as the day comes closer.  Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine! 


If you are interested in some spirit wear, please utilize the link below to access the site!    Please remember that the Spirit Wear Shop is open year round, and you can visit it at any time!  We love seeing our community in some Beacon Tree Spirit Wear!

Lego Robotics:

We are still looking to see if anyone is interested in starting a Lego Robotics Program here at Beacon Tree.  I have placed a link below with information to help get a program started.  If you have questions about the program, please feel free to contact me so that I can answer any questions you may have.

Lego Robotics Information: Click HERE


All The Best, 

Mr. Ellis

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The Beacon Tree staff, in partnership with parents and the community, will guide, support, and encourage all students to reach their maximum potential as lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

Throughout the school year, Beacon Tree Elementary has some fun activities scheduled!  Please check our "Upcoming Events" section for actual dates and times for these activities!  Also, keep an eye out on the "From Mr. Ellis" section for updates and important information in and around Beacon Tree Elementary!

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